How the C&C Team Finds Inspiration in the Everyday

Here at C&C, our team is constantly on the go. Down time is rare, so when we’re able to relax, we really make the most of it. Many of us like to do a little digital detox time and step away from our phones, while others chill out with a good Netflix binge. Regardless, we know recharging is integral to getting inspired for when we step back into the office. That’s why we partnered with Glade® at our ATX popup to bring you an immersive self-care experience complete with a manicure bar—and now, we’re bringing you some of our favorite ways to find inspiration in the everyday. Glade Essentials Room Mist is the perfect way to wind down after a long day (psst…the Mandarin & Mimosa scent smells like the inside of an Anthro store!).

Below, our team shares their favorite ways to get inspired each day.

“Reading the news always helps put things in perspective for me. I feel inspired by people overcoming great (or awful) things and it helps to level-set my worries about problems I'm facing so they feel more manageable.”

- Heather Records, VP of Marketing

“I get my inspiration from my team and their hard work!”

- Alyssa Torma, Junior Producer

“I find inspiration by taking a few minutes to myself in the morning to stretch, spray my favorite fragrance (it’s currently Glade’s Mandarin & Mimosa Essentials Room Mist!), and try to clear my mind to prepare for the day ahead.”

- Chelsea Evers, Editorial Director

“I find inspiration by having an innovative approach to my work. I ask myself, ‘How can I cut budgets and do something new and different for half the cost? How do I solve this logistical issue and find a way for 1000 attendees and 200 sponsors to move through one space seamlessly?’ It’s like a puzzle and I get inspired by solving it!”

- Lainey DePompa, Senior Producer

“Turning off my phone and going for a walk with no distractions, just some me time, lets me actually look around at what’s going on in beautiful LA.”

- Elyse Wasserstrom, Account Manager

“Pinterest inspires me in so many ways, from my personal style to design inspiration to meal prepping ideas. I love a good Pinterest scroll when I need some inspiration during my day.”

- Tyeal Howell, Marketing Manager

“Taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood gives me a chance to disconnect and think clearly.”

- Caitlin Shier, Director of Accounts & Brand Marketing

Your turn: How do you find inspiration in the everyday?