This Crazy Stat Will Change the Way You Think About Your Evenings

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Every night before you go to sleep, to recharge and reset for the next day, you do this thing. We know you do, because we do it too. You scroll Instagram. Even when you tell yourself you’re **NOT GONNA TOUCH THAT PHONE** somehow, it ends up in your sleepy hand. And it’s destroying your slumber.

Science has shown us that blue light, AKA, light that comes off any electronic or tech, messes with your body’s natural ability to produce the oh-so-necessary sleep hormone melatonin. It was discovered on accident that humans are incredibly sensitive to blue light, however,

Studies prove that light is the most powerful cue for us when it comes to our circadian rhythms. And it is closely related to our melatonin production. Melatonin is present in low levels during the day, is released a few hours before bedtime, and peaks in the middle of the night (in other words, when it’s darkest). Looking at light suppresses melatonin (terrible news for bedtime tech abusers who have a hard time self-motivating to turn their devices off). But OFF they MUST go! A day without good sleep is groggy, unfocused, and not nearly as productive as you’d like it to be.

So what are the steps you should take to ensure that you rise refreshed and ready to greet the workday? Our friends at  it™ bed dished some of their best advice (and yes, it involves cookies). Read on weary workers!

  1. Limit screen time. Instead of checking your emails before bed, or scrolling Instagram for inspiration, opt for something non-tech related. Read a book or do some light yoga to de-stress. You should likewise highly consider taking the television out of your bedroom. It’s so easy to fall asleep binge-watching your favorite shows, but find a new way to get that brain to unwind. Your body will thank you.

  2. Take a warm shower or bath before bed. Doing so forces your body to redouble efforts to get rid of heat, resulting in cooler skin when you snuggle into bed – easier to fall asleep!

  3. Lavender/Chamomile are two herbs that will help you drift off to sleep faster. Add them to a bath for an extra sleepy boost before bed! (Come make lavender or chamomile bath salts at the it™ bed booth!)

  4. Have an oatmeal raisin cookie: Yes, indulging a little bit will get your sleep on the right path. Oats contain both magnesium and calcium and are high in carbs, which means you’ll get a lot of neurochemical serotonin to help make you sleepy. You’ll get to bed much easier after this light snack, but keep it to one (maybe two!) to avoid trying to fall asleep on a full stomach.

  5. Keep things cool: Use a small fan to lower the temperature and get good airflow around the room. Remember, cooler is better for sleep. But note: Studies show that going to bed with warm feet will help you fall into deeper sleep faster.

And remember: routines before bed teach your body to unwind (necessary for everyone, but especially busy, working women with full time jobs AND side hustles). So whatever your routine is, prioritize it.

Tell us! What screen-free activities do you include in your nightly routine?