8 Signs You Definitely Need to Dump Your Job

Spotting the warning signs of a bad relationship can be hard when you’re in the thick of it. Especially when you’re trying to stick it out for the sake of (insert life goal here). But a bad job, like partners and friends, can be just as toxic. 

We’ve all had horrible Mondays. Where we feel like crawling beneath our desk and hiding out or napping for a few hours. That’s normal— even if you’re in love with your career, off-days are part the deal. 

However, if driving to work is driving you low key mental. Or it feels like every time you send an email, you’re sending off a tiny bit of your soul, it might be quitting time. You can suffer for your art, but don’t suffer for a job that’s going no where.    

Here are eight reg flags that the milk in your work fridge has gone sour, and it’s time to turn a page. (Hello, mixed metaphors to represent your oh so confusing mixed feelings about your j-o-b.) 

"If driving to work is driving you low key mental, it might be time to quit." 

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1. You feel creatively lost. There are days when the ideas aren’t coming no matter how many cups of java you down, but IF you are coming up one espresso shot short every day, you might not be in the right job. Before you take a dive into unemployment, try to do things that will reignite that spark with your job-- like go to a lecture or take a class. If that still isn't working and you're drawing blank after blank, day after day, really consider why you think this job is the right job. Sometimes things just fizzle out, and the best thing we can do for ourselves is realize that it doesn't have to be horribly wrong, for it not to be right.  

2. You have an abusive boss. Bosses, like partners, can be abusive. People who take advantage of their position of power. But being in charge doesn't give anyone the right to treat employees like animals. If heading into your boss’ office is something you dread because you know no matter what you do it won’t be good enough, it's time to reevaluate the situation.  I once had a boss throw trash at my head (yes, for real). I was out the door shortly thereafter. Know your self worth and trust in that.  

3. You’ve consulted everyone you know about hating your job. Happy hour? What’s that? When you meet your friends after work, all you do is complain. About work. The problem with negative energy is that little by little it starts to infiltrate every other part of your life. Others relationships suffer, and you become um, insufferable to be around. Don’t let this happen. If your friends are avoiding your phone calls, there’s a good shot your endless complaints about work are dragging them down as well. 

"Happy hour? What's that?" 

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4. You’re compromising your morals. If you’ve found that you’re moving toward the Dark Side, without having any desire to do so, it’s either time to stand your ground, or change the ground your standing on. Sometimes at work we are asked to do things we aren’t entirely comfortable with— but these should be things that advance our careers. For example, you don’t like public speaking, but your boss asks you to give a presentation— this is a step outside your comfort zone that’s beneficial to progress. However if you’re being put in ethically, morally, or even illegal situations, no job is worth that risk. 

5. You can’t come up with five good reasons to stay. Pro and con this beast. Make a list, check it twice, and if you don’t have five really solid reasons to keep your job— financial security aside— it might be time to start getting your ducks in a row. 

6 .Your job gives you every kind of the sads. You know that feeling when you’re up at night, wondering why your dude is ignoring your calls, and you feel sad, lost, drained, pathetic? If your job makes you feel legit sad and question everything you’re doing with your life, it’s high time to move on. 

7. Your mom thinks you should quit. Let’s consult Justin Bieber on this one. If you can sing, “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone,” about your job… remember: Mom is always right. She was right about that 10th grade boyfriend, and she’s right about this job. 

8. You're letting other opportunities pass you by. Some people in relationships are never satisfied because they are always on the lookout for the next best thing. That's not what I'm suggesting. But if the work universe is offering up an out-- or a better job, or maybe even a less financially lucrative, but potentially amazing job, and you're not taking it out of fear... close your eyes and take a leap. More often than we care to admit, it necessary to take a step back in order to alter our course, and start down the more meaningful path.