Everything You Missed at Our Everyone Welcome Pop-Up at Beverly Center

Photos: Create with Gusto

If you’re a Los Angeles native, or an out of state transplant, it’s no secret that Beverly Center is one of LA’s hotspots. From Hollywood stylists and the fashion-lovers, to the everyday shopper, Beverly Center is where you go in LA to shop and make some everlasting memories. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend to celebrate the reimagining of the iconic space for their Grand Reveal Weekend.

It was certainly a day to remember and, as always, our create & cultivators TURNED OUT! We invited panelists with backgrounds in fashion, film, entertainment and more for intimate discussions on creativity, representation, style + so much more. Among our panelists were Nicole Richie, Elaine Welteroth, Gigi Gorgeous, Hannah Lux Davis, Ilaria Urbinati, Stephanie Shepherd, Cara Santana, Daniel Musto, Eugenie Gray, René Daniella, and our moderators included Raymond Braun, Julissa Bermudez, and our very own Jaclyn Johnson. Our keynote speaker of the day was actress, writer, and director Rashida Jones who touched on everything from her work in front and behind the camera, diversity, inclusion, and so much more.

Ahead, some key takeaways from our panelists of the day that we hope will inspire you to go out and get it!

Photos: Create with Gusto

Mic-Drop Moments

“I get paid to have a strong opinion.” -Ilaria Urbinati

“There comes a time where your experience and your opinion collide.” -Daniel Musto 

“If your goal is to move to any city, get there first and then take any job that comes your way.” -Hannah Lux Davis 

“When one woman wins, we all win. We can all be successful and happy for each other.”

-Stephanie Sheperd

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“Find a squad that holds you down.”-Julissa Bermudez

“The most successful people are always the nicest.”-Ilaria Urbinati

“Smile when you’re intimidated.”-Daniel Musto

“Be happy where your feet are. We’re always wanting more and judging our happiness by having certain things, and we miss the moment.”-Stephanie Sheperd

“With our current political climate, we have no choice but to be ourselves, say everything that matters to us and try to make a difference, whether it’ll be well received or not.”

-Eugenie Gray 

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“I made a conscious decision to investigate the current situation at the border from all angles.”-Cara Santana

“Storytelling is what gets people who are ignorant to really come around and see the other side.”-Gigi Gorgeous 

“The future is not binary. The world should not be confined to make and female, there’s no reason for that.”-Gigi Gorgeous 

“Social media, in a pure form, is a tool and a resource for so many things.”-René Daniella 

Photos: Create with Gusto

“I’m not a business person by nature, that’s something that I had to learn along the way.”

-Nicole Richie

“I feel like my role in the industry has been to marry culture and politics with fashion.”

-Elaine Welteroth

“I had a seat at the table, but now I want to build my own table.”

-Elaine Welteroth

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“Make sure that you’re carving a path for yourself that allows you to give that to the world.” -Elaine Welteroth

“I want to create space for other women and other girls to tell their stories too.” - Elaine Welteroth

“I hate the word trend. I think it limits people.” -Nicole Richie

“I got to a place of really understanding and using fashion as a platform to further express who I am and what I want to say to the world.”-Nicole Richie

“Every single person has their own lane.”-Elaine Welteroth

“Your voice is your most powerful tool. You need to use it and you need to use it in a meaningful way.”

-Nicole Richie

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“We should embrace our whole entire selves.”- Nicole Richie

“Representation does actually matter. It’s not just a hashtag” -Elaine Welteroth

“When you decide that you’re ready to start a brand, get ready to get hit with 50 different questions about how you plan on doing that.” -Nicole Richie 

“It’s mandatory that we’re always open to a different perspective, as long as we’re not losing ourselves.” -Nicole Richie 

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Stay tuned for a full recap on our keynote conversation with none other than Rashida Jones.